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1. Film trailer clip: "Welcome To The Punch"

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London, 5 March 2013

2. SOUNDBITE (English) James McAvoy, actor:

"I was surprised that they wanted to cast me first of all because it's not my usual type of role but that's why it was interesting to me. I was also just dead excited by the fact that here was a director saying we don't have to do shaky cameras, we don't have to make it look gritty realism, we want to make it look slick and cool and aspirational and sharp and sheer, you know. And then when I saw that I got to do lots and lots and lots of action as well I thought 'this is awesome.' I'd taken a few months off to be with my kid after 'X-Men' and stuff, so it was kind of time to work and I thought 'great, I get to be at home and do an action movie.' We don't do this often, so it was really cool."

3. SOUNDBITE (English) Mark Strong, actor:

"I was fascinated to see how he made London look. I've not seen a film that does that really, so I was really impressed and it's always nice being at home."

4. SOUNDBITE (English) Eran Creevy, director:

"We probably used locations that have been used in films before but I just don't think they've ever been shot right. They've never been shot in the right way, do you know what I mean? It's not about being literal to London and kind of saying 'here's the London Eye, here's Big Ben, here's The Gherkin.' We've seen these in a million and one movies. It's about choosing a palette of color and texture like glass, chrome, steel, skyscrapers and neon and shooting a lot of the city at night and I think we created something which is borderline sci fi. People watched the film and some of the reviews have said the film feels almost like it's slightly futuristic, that it's set in the future, and I think we didn't want any red buses in the film, we didn't want any police Panda cars, we didn't want any police uniforms because it makes it feel like a parochial British episode of 'The Bill,' and we were always trying to push the envelope and try and make it bigger and feel like an American movie."

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5. Film trailer clip: "Welcome To The Punch"