Just who is in charge at Cronulla?

If there is one thing that Cronulla's amateurish handling of the scandal threatening to tear the club apart has highlighted, it is the distinct lack of leadership at the top.

It is a void which perhaps goes some way to explaining the situation the Sharks find themselves in, where 14 players are in danger of being banned over the supposed use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Here's a club which has somehow been allowed by the NRL to operate without a chief executive for the past three years.

And as a drug scandal - which first became public via the Australian Crime Commission's report last month - unravels, chairman Damian Irvine is overseas on business unrelated to the Sharks.

Just who was part of this week's emergency board meeting?

Seemingly, the only man with any authority at the club has gone AWOL.

When AAP asked Rugby League Players' Association boss David Garnsey for his summation of the situation, he said he was still waiting to hear back from the club.

Asked if he knew who was in charge with Irvine absent, Garnsey said he had no idea.

The club said it expected Irvine to return on Friday night.

There was no official statement from the club on Thursday, which only fuelled the rumour and innuendo surrounding the scandal.

The NRL too is keeping its distance, adopting the common line of allowing the relevant authorities to deal with the situation before it, too, gets involved.

It seems no one is keen to get too involved at this stage.