Grand Rapids, Michigan - March 7, 2013

1. Medium of person being handed a fake mustache

2. Wide of a mustache-wearing boy walks past

3. Close of a mustache-wearing child sways to the music

4. SOUNDBITE (English): Leann Arkema, President/CEO of Gilda's Club Grand Rapids:

"We are so excited. We're going to be attempting another world record, officially authorized by Guinness. This year, we hope to gather at least 649 people to break the standing world record for most people gathered wearing false mustaches."

5. Close of a baby wearing a fake mustache is pushed along in her stroller

6. Medium of mustache-wearers waving.

7. Medium of event organizers tossing a T-shirt and a flying disc into the audience

8. Close of a man strokes his fake mustache in contemplation

9. Medium of the countdown to a record begins.

10. Close of a mustache-wearer giving thumbs-up

11. Wide of the record being broken.

12. Close of a person in a gazelle suit high-fiving the crowd

13. Medium of an event organizer announcing the record-breaking total.

14. Close of a child on someone's shoulders adjusting her fake mustache

15. Close of a mustache-wearing child on someone's shoulders covered in a pink blanket

16. SOUNDBITE (English): Leann Arkema, President/CEO of Gilda's Club Grand Rapids:

"Gilda's LaughFest is a 10-day celebration of laughter for the health of it. We're named for Gilda Radner. And part of the legacy she left to all of us was permission to laugh, especially in the midst of very tough things in life."

17. Medium of a woman with a fake mustache she brought herself

18. Medium of a person in a chicken costume wearing a fake mustache walks by

19. Medium of Arkema putting on a fake mustache.

20. Wide of a barber shop-style singing group wearing fake mustaches

21. Close of a mustache-wearing woman

22. SOUNDBITE (English): Michael Radner, Gilda Radner's Brother:

"Gilda would love it. She loved to make people laugh. And to see this whole event, with all these people laughing, she would think this is wonderful. And doing it to help people and to help with their emotional health and help them to find their laughter the way she found her laughter to be able to deal with her tough stuff would make her very happy."

23. Close of two mustache-wearing kids

24. Medium of Four people posing for a picture

25. Close of Arkema putting a mustache on Radner's face

26. Medium of a man and woman dancing with a person in a gazelle costume

27. Close of kids mugging for the camera.

28. SOUNDBITE (English): Leann Arkema, President/CEO of Gilda's Club Grand Rapids:

"We want to laugh a lot here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, over the next 10 days. Chase away the winter blues, so to speak."

39. Close of a child wearing a fake mustache


Organizers of a Grand Rapids laughter festival say they've set a third world record in as many years.

They ask participants to help set a new Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people wearing false mustaches and say 1,544 people did so Thursday evening.

The record awaits Guinness certification.

Gilda's LaughFest says participants who came to Rosa Parks Circle received official LaughFest mustaches.

According to LaughFest officials, the current fake mustache world record of 648 participants was set in September at an event organized by the St. Louis Rams.

Last year, LaughFest's kickoff event broke a Guinness World Record for the largest number of people wearing fake animal noses. The year before that it was people tossing rubber chickens.

LaughFest begins Thursday and runs through March 17.