The Dow Jones industrial average this week climbed to a record level, surpassing the previous high reached nearly five and a half years ago.

Some stock mutual funds recovered to their October 2007 levels much more rapidly, in some cases just a couple years, thanks to strong performance during the financial crisis and its aftermath.

Here's a look at the large-cap stock funds that have posted the largest overall returns since Oct. 9, 2007. These funds invest primarily in large U.S. companies, the types of stocks that typically anchor a well-diversified portfolio.

The list includes 7 funds in the large-cap blend and large-cap growth categories that posted overall returns of greater than 50 percent through Monday, according to Morningstar. The list includes an eighth fund that didn't meet the 50 percent threshold, but was the top performer among large-cap value funds.

Source: Morningstar