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New York - Nov. 2 2012

1. Wide of New York streets

2. SOUNDBITE: Lorraine Griba - New Yorker

"Maybe there was a reason for this horrible hurricane, to make people step back and make people think about each other. The human response around me has been so great other than that I can't really get my head together to tell you something brilliant or cogent about the election.

3. Police in the street

4. SOUNDBITE Fred Sachs, New Yorker

"before we worry about the voting on Tuesday, we're hoping to get through the weekend to get our power back. I think that's what most people in this part of the city are worried about.

5. Wide of people in the street

6. SOUNDBITE Fred Sachs, New Yorker

"We haven't thought about that at all. We don't have any power in our building. They're going to these new voting machines, nobody knows how they are going to work. Really I don't know if it's going to work."

7. Wide of police in the street

8. SOUNDBITE Stephen Garner, New Yorker

"It's not my top priority right now. Luckily I have electricity because I live a couple of blocks up town but people in lower Manhattan, even in outer bureaus it's not their top priority right now."

9. Wide of people on sidewalks.


New York election officials were ordering generators, moving voting locations and figuring out how to transport poll workers displaced from coastal areas as Tuesday's presidential election became the latest challenge for states whacked by Superstorm Sandy.

Residents though say the vote on Tuesday is the last thing in their minds.