The unprecedented government guarantee offered to try to secure parole for convicted drug trafficker Schapelle Corby will be queried when federal parliament resumes this week.

Federal deputy opposition leader Julie Bishop has promised questions will be asked of Foreign Minister Bob Carr over the formal guarantee to Indonesia that Corby won't breach parole conditions if released from Kerobokan Prison.

The Australian consulate in Bali delivered the document to the governor's office at the notorious jail on March 8, guaranteeing Corby will conform to whatever parole conditions are imposed.

But Ms Bishop said questions remained about exactly what the government had promised and what would happen if that guarantee was called upon.

"Senator Carr must make it very clear the status of this guarantee," Ms Bishop said.

"He says there is no legal liability so precisely what is Senator Carr offering?

"He admits there is no legal liability so the status of it is unclear, and what are the consequences if that guarantee is called upon?"

Senator Carr said on Sunday that under Indonesian law, the family of anyone seeking parole must make similar promises, and as Corby's family "are not being recognised in Indonesia", it is up to the government to make the guarantee.

If granted parole, Corby will be given a passport but it will probably be seized by Indonesian authorities, Senator Carr said.

She would serve the rest of her term, due to finish in January 2017, in Bali, reporting monthly to the Australian consulate.

Ms Bishop said the guarantee had created a precedent.

"I am unaware of any precedent, and this does set a worrying precedent," she told Fairfax radio.

The decision was another example of Mr Carr's "erratic" ministerial performance, she said.

"Senator Carr has brought an unorthodox and somewhat erratic approach to consular matters, and I am concerned he has not thought this one through," Ms Bishop said.

"He goes to great lengths for some individuals in trouble overseas, including personal intervention, but takes less interest in others.

"There is no consistency and sometimes you could be forgiven for thinking he is attracted to the cases that have a high media interest and not cases that don't."

Corby's lawyer Iskandar Nawing said a parole application may be lodged as early as Wednesday or Thursday.