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AP Entertainment

Los Angeles, 13 March 2013

1. Fashion shot: actress Kaley Cuoco (who portrays "Penny" on "The Big Bang Theory")

2. Actor Jim Parsons speaks to reporter

3. SOUNDBITE (English) Jim Parsons/Actor, "Sheldon Cooper":

"There's something impossible to fathom about viewers and numbers and things like that. I can barely picture 20 people in one room. If you want to say 17 or 18 million, well you've lost me."

4. Actor Kunal Nayyar speaks to reporter

5. SOUNDBITE (English) Kunal Nayyar/Actor, "Raj Koothrappali":

"We set out to make a TV show to make people laugh. And then it started doing things like inspiring children to study science. And that to me is the most rewarding thing about this, is that we set out to make people laugh and it did a lot of good, too."

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6. TV clip: "The Big Bang Theory" (2013)

AP Entertainment

Los Angeles, 13 March 2013

7. SOUNDBITE (English) Mayim Bialik/Actress, "Amy Farrah Fowler," on where the relationship between Amy and Sheldon is heading:

"I think the neat thing about our show and about Chuck Lorre's style in particular is huge things don't have to happen every week. Sometimes we have episode about their relationship, and then sometimes they're back to just doing what they do."

8. Medium of Johnny Galeki speaking to reporter

9. SOUNDBITE (English) Johnny Galecki/Actor, "Leonard Hofstadter," on the slow development of Leonard and Penny's relationship:

"Chuck always calmed us down early on and said, 'Be patient. These guys evolve at a snail's pace.' And I'm glad that he did. At this point now, we've earned it, it seems like."

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10. TV clip: "The Big Bang Theory" (2013)