Caracas, Venezuela - 14 March 2013


1. Various of crowd outside main entrance to "Paseo Los Proceres" walkway demanding access to see body of Hugo Chavez lying in state UPSOUND: (Spanish) "We want to see Chavez"

2. Mid of police officers facing off with crowd UPSOUND (Spanish) "The people united will never be defeated"

3. Mid of police officer on top of fence arguing with officers

4. Wide of people handling metal over crowd fence after removing it from main entrance

5. Mid of people handling metal over crowd fence after removing it from main entrance

6. Wide of people rushing towards entrance

7. Mid of placard with image of Hugo Chavez

8. Pan right of crowd demanding access UPSOUND: (Spanish) "We want to see Chavez"

9. Various of people queued in line to enter military academy


The 7 days of mourning in memory of late president Hugo Chavez came to an end on Thursday as large crowds remained outside the military academy where the body of Venezuelan president is in lying in state.

National Guard soldiers guarded the only access to the military academy where a large crowd demanded access to see Chavez's body.

About 300 people argued with soldiers and tried to push their way in as they chanted "We want to see Chavez!"

"We want to see the commander. We all are here with boisterous excitement to see our president, this is the last good bye we are going to give him and they don't want to let us in," said Chavez supporter Aldris Diaz.

Dozens of soldiers arrived to the scene to guard the entrance.

The crowd grew angry and removed some of the metal fences blocking the entrace as soldiers tried to calm them down.

A few minutes later soldiers reopened the entrance and allowed people to orderly access the military academy to see Chavez's body.

"They have decided right now, in view of the large multitude of patriotic comrades, to let us in," said Luis Palencia a Chavez supporter from Carabobo.

On the last night the body of Hugo Chavez remained lying in state a group of Cuban intellectuals and artist paid tribute to the socialist leader.

The body of the late socialist leader will be transported to a military museum in Caracas on Friday.

Authorities have called Venezuelans to accompany Chavez's body to his last resting place at the military museum on Friday

Officials have declared Friday a holiday in 3 states, and the two main highways in Caracas will be closed.

Massive crowds are expected as thousands of people take the streets to accompany "el comandante" to his final resting place a military museum known as the "cuartel de la montana" or the mountain barracks where Chavez led his failed military coup in 1992.