A search has resumed for an elusive saltwater croc that's been spotted again in a river just 200 kilometres from Brisbane.

Wildlife officers searched the Mary River at Maryborough for the saltwater croc on Saturday after reports it was seen at Beaver Rock the previous weekend.

The croc wasn't spotted, but its claw marks were found on the river bank at Beaver Rock, about 10km from the city centre.

Environment Minister Andrew Powell says two traps have been set, one in the river and one on the bank.

The 3.5-metre reptile was first reported in May 2012, but all attempts to trap it have failed.

Its location is south of the normal range for crocodiles, which is considered to be from Cape York Peninsula to Gladstone.

"The animal remains wary of humans, however we will continue our efforts to capture and remove it," Mr Powell said in a statement.

"The traps will remain in position for the coming week and checked daily.

"In the meantime the public should exercise caution in or near the river, particularly around the Beaver Rock area."