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Los Angeles, 20 March 2013

1. SOUNDBITE (English) Josh Duhamel/Actor - on playing and watching sports:

"I played. My first year of college, I played college basketball."

Reporter: "Oh you played college basketball. Then you were a quarterback right?"

"I played football, but then I tried to play both and I tried to run track my first year, but it was too much. I always thought I was going to be a professional athlete of some sort and then I realized that I wasn't athletic enough. My life as a kid growing up, that's all I did - every day in the summer I played basketball and then in the fall I played football. So probably... one of my biggest... let's see, how do I put this? One of my biggest addictions in life is sports. And I'm working on it. It's a 15-step process. It'd be nice if there were a time of year that I didn't have to tune in for something."

2. SOUNDBITE (English) Josh Duhamel/Actor - on his sports addiction:

"It'll be interesting to see what the kid does - if I become less interested in sports, because I know that a lot of my friends become a little bit less - because it takes up so much more time in your life. But Sundays, I mean I'll sometimes watch three games. That's not good. That's kind of a waste of time."

3. SOUNDBITE (English) Josh Duhamel/Actor - on his college experience:

"More than anything, why I'm a proponent of college, is that you learn how to start something and finish something. It's the discipline of getting through it. Because we all have that freshman year where you party way too much and you're hungover half the year, but you have to get through it. At least that was my freshman year. I don't know about you. But then, by your sophomore, junior year, you're like 'wait a second. I need to get serious about this.' And you either drop out or you finish it and, to me, it was about finishing it. It took me 12 years. I left my junior year with one credit remaining to finish my senior year. Actually I left my senior year to move to California with the intention that I was going to back and retake some classes like Organic Chem, so that I could improve my GPA. Because I had like a 3.4 and I needed to get to like a 3... as high as I could get it to get into dental school. So I left with one credit - Introduction to Art was my one credit that I didn't take. So, cut to 12 years later, after I had started acting and I had been doing all this. I was on 'Vegas' for five years and all these things - it always bugged me that I never went back and finished it. So I called up the university."

4. SOUNDBITE (English) Josh Duhamel/Actor - on graduating from college:

"I have my degree from Minot State University because of that."

Reporter: "So when was that?"

"I got it I think three years ago and it had been 12 years since I had left."

Reporter: "That's real discipline."

"It was like, why would I go three-and-a-half, three-quarters years of school to not finish, you know? I wanted that plaque."