A public policy expert has described the behaviour of Queensland Liberal National Party (LNP) MPs as "disappointing" and that they need some "basic ethics training".

Yesterday, Redcliffe MP Scott Driscoll was suspended from the LNP amid an investigation into alleged improper behaviour.

Professor Scott Prasser says it follows the forced resignation of three ministers, while three MPs have quit in the first year of the State Government.

He says the LNP is lurching from scandal to scandal.

"It's up to the organisational wing now - the president of the LNP - to take the initiative and say maybe 'boys and girls, we need some basic ethics training about what you can and cannot do'," he said.

"It's different from what it was 20 years ago - you're under more public scrutiny and the public expects more of you and this Government has been disappointing in that regard."

Professor Prasser says Premier Campbell Newman is in the "unenviable position" of having to ensure high standards from his MPs, while maintaining their loyalty.

"In the previous government - remember we had the payroll fiasco - not one minister was stood down," Professor Prasser said.

"We had the overseas doctors scandal - not one minister was stood down.

"We've got to also give the Premier some credit I suppose - he's set very high standards.

"He is laying down some rules, but he has got to be very careful he doesn't scare the horses."