March 27, 2013 - New York

1. Wide of 2014 Honda Odyssey minivan

2. SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): Tami Giammarco, Honda

"So we were able to integrate Honda vac directly into the rear cargo area of the van. We have a hose that will reach all the way to the front seat, or right here."

3. Tight on vacuum sucking up froot loops

Wide of 2014 BMW 328d

5. SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): Paul Ferraiolo, BMW

"We're announcing today the launch of our new 4 cylinder diesel in the 3 series. On the highway this car will get approximately 45 miles per gallon EPA highway rating. It's going to go on sale in the US starting in September or October, and we haven't announced the price yet."

6. Tight on gas cap

7. Medium interior of BMW

8. Tight on diesel engine

8. SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): Paul Ferraiolo, BMW

"Well the diesel market is growing there's not a lot of competitors right now so we're excited about helping to create a diesel market but for the US diesels are perfect for a lot of people. If you're doing a lot of long distance driving, if fuel economy is important if you don't want to stop for gas as much as you have been, these cars have great range, diesel is perfect for you."

9. Wide of 2014 Cadillac CTS Sedan

10. Medium of interior of Cadillac

11. SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): Lisa Sieradski, Cadillac

"This 2014 all new CTS sedan is longer, lower and leaner than our current CTS. With every generation of CTS that we've developed we've continued to develop the CTS brand."

12. Wide of 2014 Jeep Cherokee driving up rough terrain

13. SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): Mike Manley, Jeep

"We had to give people a Jeep with segment-leading capability, but also the appearance, utility, fuel economy and refined manners required for every day use. It also had to be able to quickly summon it's super powers whenever needed to give people the freedom to go anywhere, and do anything, so it needed rugged capability, refined on-road driving dynamics and performance outstanding fuel economy, world-class craftsmanship and versatility as well as an advanced safety and user-friendly technology in other words it needed it all. And I think our designers and engineers have surely delivered."

14. Medium of front of Jeep Cherokee