Jurors in the trial of a former Victorian detective accused of lying about his relationship with gangland killer Carl Williams have begun their second day of deliberations.

The jury resumed deliberating at 9.30am (AEDT) on Thursday after they were unable to reach a verdict by 6pm on Wednesday.

Paul Dale has pleaded not guilty to 12 charges of giving false evidence at two Australian Crime Commission examinations about his dealings with Williams.

Prosecutors allege Dale lied because he knew he was a suspect in the murders of police informer Terry Hodson and his wife Christine.

Hodson had been due to give evidence against Dale in relation to burglary and drug charges, which were dropped after Hodson's murder.

Defence barrister Geoffrey Steward has said the case against Dale is based on evidence by "murderers, drug traffickers, perjurers" and despicable people who were offered incentives and immunities.

He said Dale had a professional relationship with Williams, as part of his efforts to be a top-notch detective.

The jury began their deliberations at 11.15am on Wednesday following a four-week trial.