A woman wants her money back after paying thousands of dollars for two Louis Vuitton bags she bought at the auction of items that once belonged to fake Tahitian prince Joel Barlow.

Barlow was sentenced to 14 years in jail for embezzling more than $16 million from Queensland Health while he worked for the department.

Leonie Hourigan, who lives on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, bid online and paid $2,300 for what she thought were two genuine Louis Vuitton bags.

Ms Hourigan says the suitcase and handbag are both fakes and she is writing to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal to lodge a complaint.

"All the marks on it are wrong, the handles are wrong, the hardware's wrong being studs, and the insides are wrong, the fabric's wrong," she said.

"Louis Vuitton hand-sews everything and the sewing is burring cotton, so I want my money back and I never want to buy anything from an auction house again."