The French Consulate in Australia has confirmed the identity of the third person who died in the Melbourne wall collapse last Thursday.

A 15-metre section of brick wall covered in a timber hoarding collapsed in strong winds at the old Carlton and United brewery site on Swanston Street trapping three people under the debris.

Dozens of people in the area ran to the scene to help in the rescue effort.

Marie-Faith Siawoo, 33, a research assistant at Monash University, died in the incident.

French Consul-General Eric Berti says Ms Siawoo's family was notified on Friday and is considering coming to Australia.

Mr Berti has expressed his gratitude to the Victoria Police for quickly providing them with the information so they could contact the family immediately.

Bridget Jones, 18 and her 19-year-old brother Alexander, who was known as Zander, also died in the accident.