Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, Nov. 6

1. M/S First voters casting ballots

2. M/S Town official announces a tie, with President Obama and Mitt Romney drawing five votes each

3. SOUNDBITE: Tanner Tillotson/Dixville Notch Voter: "It's easy to look back over the last four years and criticize, you know, Obama for his missteps and mistakes, but I still believe that he -- I still believe that he is the best chance of a recovery that is as fast as it can be."

4. C/U Board showing voting results

5. SOUNDBITE Tom Tillotson/Dixville Notch Voter: "I think the country's lucky, in a way, to have two good candidates running, but, given the choice, I think we could move faster further with, essentially, a proven leader in economic and business issues; that's why I supported Mitt Romney."

6. M/S Board showing voting results

7. SOUNDBITE Donna Kaye Erwin/Dixville Notch Voter: "I often look at our vice presidential choices, because that is the first decision that a presidential candidate is making, is who is their running mate, and I feel comfortable with Joe Biden and the Cabinet that we have, as far as our position in the world."

8. C/U Voting board


New Hampshire, home to the first-in-the-nation presidential primary, also got a jump-start on general election voting.

The tiny community of Dixville Notch opened its polls at midnight and closed them minutes later. President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney had a tie vote in Dixville Notch, with each candidate getting five votes. It was the first Presidential tie in Dixville Notch history.