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Belmont Massachusetts, Nov. 6

1. SOUNDBITE: Tony Alcorn - Obama Supporter:

"I think he is serious about his attention of defunding Planned Parenthood. I think he's serious if it comes up to Supreme Court nominations he will nominate a judge that is anti Roe - vs Wade. I think he's going to be serious about maintaing defense spending. SO I think for those point of view he's going to adopt a right of center agenda.

2.SOUNDBITE: Deb Greene - Romney Supporter:

He'll be very hands on, I think he'll create jobs. I think he will do everything possible to improve the economy and I feel very positive about that.

3: SOUNDBITE: Maria Murphy - Romney Supporter

"he's going to be our country to different level. We've been suffering for the last several years and it's time for a change, we really need him as president. It's been very difficult for so many people at different levels both rich and poor and we all need help. And I feel positive that he's going to do the right thing for us as citizens of the United States.


Voters in Mitt Romney's hometown are debating what a Romney presidency will look like.

The Republican hopeful cast his ballot there this morning, but supporters of both candidates are still present, trying to persuade other voters to support their candidate.