SHOTLIST (including transcript):-


Analanjirofo, Madagascar - 5 April 2013

1. Medium Katy Perry with UNICEF Deputy Representative walking towards Sahavola pre school

3. Close up Kay Perry watching

5. Wide Katy Perry sitting down at kids table

6. Wide Katy Perry in circle with kids

7. UPSOUND: (English) Katy Perry: "I want to wash my hands too!"

8. Medium washing hands

Ampihaonana, Madagascar, 5 April 2013

9. Katy Perry walking and greeting people

10. Medium Katy Perry in classroom

11. Wide classroom with Katy Perry

12. Medium Katy Perry dancing

13. Close up pan right children singing

14. SOUNDBITE: (English) Katy Perry, singer/performer:

"An education is such an incredible opportunity here. Most kids don't get the opportunity to be educated. Sometimes that's because of their families, or having to help out or having to make a living at a very young age, or it's cultural, or there isn't a school that's provided for them. So I think it's an incredible, wonderful, miracle of an opportunity, to have a school here on top of this mountain - and I think that the fact that they walk for 45 minutes at 6 o'clock in the morning in 2013, is a testament to how appreciative they are about their education."

15. Medium distributing toys from UNICEF recreational kit

16. Medium jumping rope with school girls - and messing up

17. Medium pumping water at well

Androranga Vola village, Madagascar, 6 April 2013

18. Wide walking through village with drumming boys walking by

19. Medium approaching health centre

20. Wide Katy Perry sitting in health centre

21. Medium Katy Perry watching health worker give screening to child with mother

22. SOUNDBITE: (English) Katy Perry, Singer/performer:

"We are here in Madagascar, in a small village that I've just walked, and saw a nutritional centre, where women bring their children, mostly birth to five, and they check up on them - their weight, and measure their arms, and I guess it shows if they're eating properly, and they teach them about nutrition."

Tamatave, Madagascar, 6 April 2013

23. Wide Katy Perry playing table tennis

24. Medium young dancers

25. Wide Katy Perry dancing the electric slide with young dancers