Jerusalem - 9 April, 2013

1. Netanyahu and Kerry

2. SOUNDBITE (English) John Kerry/Secretary of State

' We had an extremely friendly, productive, long discussion last night. I think it's fair to say that we made progress, that we were pleased with the substance of the discussion and we agreed each of us to do some homework.

3. SOUNDBITE: Benjamin Netanyahu/Israeli Prime Minister

We just heard from Iranian state television, about a new production facility for nuclear materials. Two new extraction sites. I think we also understand what it means for the world to have rogue states with nuclear weapons. Iran cannot be allowed to cross into that world. It cannot be allowed to continue it's program, its nuclear weapons program.


US Secretary of State John Kerry is looking to breathe new life into dormant Mideast peace talks in meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other senior Israeli and Palestinian officials, amid talk of modifying a decade-old Arab plan that's long been greeted with scepticism by the Jewish state.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu said in his meeting with Kerry on Tuesday in Jerusalem that he is determined to resume the peace talks.

"I am determined to not only to resume the peace process with the Palestinians but to make a serious effort to end this conflict once and for all. ....this is a real effort," he said.

On the subject of Iran's nuclear development, Kerry sought to reassure Netanyahu that the US was behind Israel.

"Iran cannot have and will not have a nuclear weapon. The United States of America has made clear that we stand not only with Israel but with the entire international community in making it clear that we are serious," he said.

He added also that the "door was still open" for a negotiated pact with Iran but that it was "not an open-ended endless negotiation. It cannot be used as an excuse for other efforts to try and break out with respect to a nuclear weapon."

Iran on Tuesday announced two key nuclear-related projects that expand the country's ability to extract and process uranium, which can be enriched for reactor fuel but also potentially for atomic weapons.