A former federal health minister is set to release a report that recommends new laws to protect doctors and patients who take part in assisted euthanasia.

The Australia21 report, to be released by Emeritus Professor Peter Baume in Canberra on Friday, presents both sides of the euthanasia debate.

It notes opinion polls make it clear that most Australians want to have the option of assisted dying available to them as they approach the end of their lives.

But the measure has been heavily opposed by a small but highly-influential segment of the community, the report's lead author Emeritus Professor Bob Douglas argues.

"Our report concludes in favour of legislative action to protect doctors and patients alike who wish to choose assisted dying," he said.

Co-author and legal academic Ben White says the law on voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide is flawed.

"The law lacks coherence and there is a body of evidence that shows it is not being followed," he said.

The report will be released at 10.30am (AEST) in Parliament House.