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AP Entertainment

Los Angeles, 7 November 2012.

1. Actor Daniel Craig posing for photographers

2. Director Quentin Tarantino speaking to reporter

3. Fashion pan of actress Naomie Harris

4. Actor Daniel Craig speaking to reporter

5. SOUNDBITE (English) Daniel Craig/Actor, on being honored:

"Just nice to be out and to be with this bunch of people. The talent that is here tonight is incredible so it is always good to go out and celebrate a bit. "

(Reporter: "Talk to me about the U.S. Presidential election")

"It is great news."

(Reporter: "If you could have voted for Obama would you have?")

" I would have done. Yes."

6. Actress Kerry Washington posing for photographers

7. SOUNDBITE (English) Kerry Washington/Actress, on U.S. Presidential election:

"My phone was in my trailer, and I was on the set with 'Scandal.' We were actually shooting a scenes where we were looking at the Constitution. I was reading about the presidency, and praying that the candidate I had voted for has won. Then I got back to my trailer and my phone was buzzing, and spinning, and binging. I have got to answer. I picked it up and it was my parents. They were crying, jumping up and down. I was thrilled."

8. Actor Alan Cummings speaking to reporter

9. SOUNDBITE (English) Alan Cummings/Actor, on his red suit and the U.S. Presidential election:

"This is a Versace number in honor of the election. I am excited to show the Republicans that even in defeat there can be beauty. That is why I wore the color. "

(Reporter: "So you were happy about last night?")

"Delirious. I voted. I am joint citizen of Britain and America. So I voted in the American general elections for the first time yesterday. I have won. I voted the right way."

10. Directors Trey Parker, Matt Stone (on left) speaking to reporter

11. SOUNDBITE (English) Trey Parker/Director, on U.S. Presidential election:

(Reporter: "What do you think about the election, Donald Trump's tweet?")

"It was boring. Just so boring. We wanted a little more drama. Because we were at work all night last night. We are usually at work during the elections. So we are usually used to staying up all night and watching the drama. It was over by 8:30 (pm PST), and it was just like blah."

12. Wide of carpet