Houston - May 4, 2013

1. SOUNDBITE: Wayne LaPierre / CEO and Executive Vice President, National Rifle Association

"At this gathering one year ago, I predicted that our freedom might soon face its greatest threat ever. I spent the last year warning gun owners all over this country that if reelected, President Obama would launch an all-out historic attack against our 2nd Amendment and the personal freedom of hundreds of millions of law-abiding citizens. When I said that, the news media called me paranoid. Obama vehemently denied his anti-gun agenda. Mocked us. They even went to the extent of passing out fliers saying he would protect our rights. A lot of Americans were deceived into believing him. Deceived. It sure didn't take long for Barack Obama to show himself, the real Barack Obama. Even before he was sworn into office, before his inauguration, the president launched an all-out, historic attack, a siege against our rights. From gun bans to magazine bans to convoluted schemes tantamount to national registration of every gun owner in America. From executive orders voted on by no one to vice presidential commissions and a flurry of legislative attacks. To UN treaties that gut our 2nd amendment. Speeches and anti-gun rallies, media appearances and the heavy-handed weight of the presidential bully pulpit. Apparently, there is nothing the President will not do to get something, anything through Congress to advance his agenda to destroy our 2nd Amendment. Nothing."


The CEO and Executive Vice President of the NRA takes President Barack Obama to task for his approach to gun legislation.

Wayne LaPierre told attendees at the NRA's convention in Houston that the president really wants to destroy the Second Amendment.