Australia's highest-security prisoner, Bassam Hamzy, will be kept behind bars until at least 2035 for running a sophisticated crime network from inside prison.

The convicted murderer has been sentenced in the NSW District Court for organising the supply of drugs from Sydney to Melbourne using a mobile phone smuggled into Lithgow Jail in 2008.

Hamzy also organised a kidnapping in Adelaide and recruited people in an attempt to have his brother shot.

The court heard Hamzy claimed the supply of more than two kilograms of methamphetamine was approved by the NSW Crime Commission in a deal to raise money to buy five stolen rocket launchers on the agency's behalf.

The commission denied ever giving the prisoner approval to run the drug supply operation but admitted it had sought his help to track down the weapons.

Judge Peter Zahra has sentenced Hamzy to a maximum of more than 22 years, starting in December 2019.

He will be eligible for parole in June 2035.

Hamzy is being kept in the Supermax at Goulburn, Australia's highest-security prison.

He is classified as the highest-security inmate in the country.

Hamzy has been in jail since 1999, when he was 19.