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New York, 11 April 2012

1. SOUNDBITE (English) Julie Benz, Actress - on how she got into acting:

"I come from a family of doctors. I come from a very medical family actually. Acting came out of my ice-skating. I grew up a figure skater and I got injured when I was about 13-years-old and I couldn't skate anymore and my mom - I was off for year and my mom didn't want me sitting around being depressed and lazy basically. So she dragged me to audition for a local community theater production and I got the part and then she dragged me to meet with an agent - a modeling agency just to have some fun and I met my manager at that time. He's still my manager to this day - 28 years later, (laughs), and I started going to New York and just auditioning for stuff. I went back to skate for couple more years and I was still acting I realize that I really didn't love skating that much anymore and I really enjoyed performing."

2. SOUNDBITE (English) Julie Benz, Actress - on how her skating helped her acting:

"Well I think, when you grow up an athlete, when you're spending eight hours a day, seven days a week - two weeks off a year - working towards competing in a sport - there's a certain level of discipline and commitment that you understand and that definitely has fed into my acting training and into the work that I do as an actor."



3. Clip - "Defiance"