New satellite technology will be used to track the whereabouts of serious offenders in Victoria from July.

The State Government says the GPS bracelets will be used to ensure conditions placed on parolees or offenders on supervision orders are being met.

The devices can also monitor blood alcohol content of offenders where conditions include alcohol bans.

About 30 serious sex offenders at the Corella Place facility in Ararat, who have served out their sentences but are still on supervision orders, will be the first to wear the bracelets.

Corrections Minister Edward O'Donohue says the technology will improve community safety.

"We're talking about serious offenders and it's important that the community has a comfort that Corrections Victoria knows where they are," he said.

Mr O'Donohue says the technology will be better than current monitoring devices.

"The GPS technology is like the satellite navigation in your car, it gives real time information about your location," he said.

"So someone who is subject to an order Corrections Victoria will know where they are."