Customs officers in NSW have seized 72 litres of liquid methamphetamine disguised as shampoo and hair dye with a street value of up to $43 million and arrested two men.

Customs officers intercepted the liquid in a consignment of hairdressing equipment imported from China last weekend.

They detected the methamphetamine after x-raying a pallet of shampoo, conditioner and hair colouring products.

"We have disrupted the activities of a drug syndicate and prevented methamphetamine arriving on Australian streets," said Australian Federal Police (AFP) Sydney office manager Ray Johnson.

"It's a significant impact on organised crime."

After the arrival of the drugs in Sydney, the AFP allowed the products to be delivered under surveillance and arrested two men on Friday morning.

They would not disclose where the arrests were made for operational reasons.

A 35-year-old man and a 43-year-old man, both Hong Kong nationals, were charged with attempting to possess a commercial quantity of illicit drugs.

They were due to appear in court in Sydney on Friday.

In the last financial year, police and customs seized a total of 4.8 tonnes of illicit drugs, with a street value of $1.6 billion, Mr Johnson said.

The NSW manager of Customs' container examination facility, Paul Willard, said they were aware of the different ways criminals attempted to avoid detection of drugs.

"Criminals should be aware that we have the examination skills, supported by cutting-edge technology, to detect even the most sophisticated concealments," he said in a statement.

The maximum penalty for offences such as these is life imprisonment and/or a $1.275 million fine.

The investigation is continuing and police have not ruled out further arrests.