The Master of the ACT Supreme Court has used his formal farewell to call for reform to the process for some court appeals.

Master David Harper was appointed in 2003, to manage most of the court's civil law.

Chief Justice Terence Higgins told the court Master Harper would go down in history as the first judicial officer in the world to allow papers to be served via Facebook.

Master Harper used his farewell speech to call for streamlining ACT Supreme Court appeals.

"If the intelocutory order is made by a master there's an appeal straight to a single judge by right," he said.

"It costs the parties quite a lot more money in legal costs and takes more judge time of the court."

He says it would be more efficient if such appeals were handled as they are for the rest of the court, with leave to the appeal court.

ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell says it is a good idea and he will consider the suggestion.

"Anything that allows civil matters to be dealt with more expideitiously is well worth looking at and being considered," he said.

Master Harper has been replaced by former Magistrate David Mossop.