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Location - Date: WASHINGTON - June 5, 2013

1. Wide of Baltimore Ravens presenting President Barack Obama with a jersey

2.SOUNDBITE: President Barack Obama

"I want to congratulate coach John Harbough, an outstanding coach and General Manager Ozzie Newsom, outstanding general manager. I know there are some very proud Ravens fans in the house today."

3. Med of Obama holding the jersey

4.SOUNDBITE: President Barack Obama

"Now, I imagine there were times last year, when these players were the only ones who knew that they'd make it here to show off this trophy, because during the year they lost player after player to injury. They dropped four of their last five regular season games. in the playoffs they trailed Denver by a touchdown with 70 yards in less than a minute to go. And I still don't know how... Well."

5. Med of Ravens presenting Obama with a Ravens polo shirt

6.SOUNDBITE: President Barack Obama

"And today I'm proud to announce that the Ravens will be donating brand new uniforms for varsity football and girl's basketball teams at public schools all across Baltimore. That's a total of 42 teams."

7. Wide of Obama shaking hands with the Ravens players

8. SOUNDBITE: President Barack Obama

"So, I want to thank all of you for the good work that you're doing. Best of luck next season. You're gonna need it in week 11 when you go to my home town of Chicago to play the Bears."

9. Med of Obama shaking hands with the Ravens players

10. Med of Obama waving to the crowd


President Barack Obama has welcomed the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens to the White House, congratulating the team on its unlikely Super Bowl run.

Obama praised the team not only for the goal line stand that sealed its second Super Bowl trophy but its charitable work in blue-collar Baltimore.

Quarterback Joe Flacco was singled out for being the most valuable player, safety Ed Reed for the game's only interception and legendary linebacker Ray Lewis for returning from injury to lead the defense in the playoffs.

Ravens executive Ozzie Newsome gave Obama the traditional team jersey which read, "Mr. President" and had the number 44, while head coach John Harbaugh warned Obama, a Chicago Bears fan, that the team has plans for a return trip to the White House next year.