AP Entertainment

New York, 9 June 2013

1. Medium of Judith Light

2. SOUNDBITE (English) Judith Light/Actress:

"I want the night to be exciting and successful and that it really make an impression on the American community about what we do here in the theater. And that this isn't like so many other award shows in that it's really about the celebration of this family and not about a competition. That's what I'm really hoping for and I hope that comes across tonight."

3. SOUNDBITE (English) Billy Porter/Actor:

"I am very nervous. But luckily I know how to make my nerve only happen on the day when they need to happen. So I haven't been nervous for a very long time. Just today. But you know it's a gift, it's blessing to be able to have a part that fits like a glove and have this moment to sort of share the gifts I've been given with the world in this way. It's amazing."

4. Medium of Jane Krakowski talking to reporter

5. Wide of Mike Tyson talking to reporter

6. SOUNDBITE (English) Mike Tyson/Actor-Former boxer:

(Reporter: What's special about being here?)

Mike Tyson: "Just feeling it. It's all about feeling. I'm just happy to be accepted to be accepted like I was saying earlier. I'm very fortunate."

7. Medium of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson on red carpet

8. SOUNDBITE (English) Matthew Morrison/Actor

"Agreed. Neil is - one of the reasons that I'm so excited tonight is that I saw some of the rehearsal this afternoon. And I've always thought as a host it's a lose-lose situation. You can't ever win. But Neil seems to win."

9. SOUNDBITE (English) Kathleen Turner/Actress

"Well he's done a great job before, because he is a stage performer. He's not just a television actor."

10. SOUNDBITE (English) Jane Lynch/Actress

"He's kind of like the Billy Crystal of the Tonys. He has claimed it for himself. And he has just the exact right tone. He's so confident. He so charming and there's kind of casualness about him that makes people relax the minute he walks out, people just got, 'ahh, we're going to be entertained. And I just love that."

11. Jake Gyllenhaal walks red carpet