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Santa Monica, Calif., 10 May 2013

1. SOUNDBITE (English) Lisa Ling, journalist/on her baby: "It's so funny because for the first I would say six to seven weeks she was kind of like a slug. She would just lay there and sleep all day and would cry only when she was hungry. But now she's starting to become incredibly active and she's just like flailing around and moving all the time so I think for seven weeks she was just hibernating and now she's woken up."

2. SOUNDBITE (English) Lisa Ling, journalist/on her role models: "There have been so many women in my life who I've looked up to and I definitely hope that my daughter will see those kinds of qualities in me one day. I want to, I definitely, I've always operated in a way that...let me rephrase that. Every decision I've made I've always thought is this something I can be proud of? And now all the decisions that I make I think is this something that Jett will be proud of? Cause that's really important to me. The kinds of role models and the kinds of women that she will eventually look up to an revere, I want those to be really strong women cause I want her to be a strong woman."