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Los Angeles, 11 June 2013

1. Medium of exhibit sign

2. Wide interior of the Ringo: Peace and Love exhibit

3. Wide of drum set used by The Beatles

4. Wide of Ringo Starr's suits, posters and drums on display

5. Close-up of old photograph of The Beatles with their autographs

6. Medium of poster and old letter in exhibit

7. Close-up of Ringo Starr's shoes in exhibit

8. Medium of grey suit worn by Ringo Starr in exhibit

9. SOUNDBITE (English) Ringo Starr/Recording Artist - on memories the exhibit brings:

"No I think it's lovely. It is a bit emotional, but I am doing the press so 'You don't want to see me crying.' I am keeping it up."

10. Push out of large old photograph of Ringo Starr

11. Wide of four outfits and a blazer in display case

12. Medium pull out of detail on pink jacket, next to black tunic

13. Medium of striped blazer and large old poster of Ringo Starr

14. Wide of three outfits in display case

15. Tilt up and push out of Ringo Starr's suits in display case

16. Push out of multi-colored blazer to complete display case

17. Medium of old photograph of Ringo Starr

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18. EPK Clip - The Beatles

AP Entertainment

Los Angeles, 11 June 2013

19. SOUNDBITE (English) Ringo Starr/Recording Artist - on how much time he still spends with surviving Beatle Paul McCartney:

"Well yeah, we've grown up a little. If you go around you can see John (Lennon) and I on holiday but even when we went on holiday, two of us went. We never really went on our own. I would go with John (Lennon), I would go with Paul (McCartney) or George (Harrison) and I would go to the South of France. We were always together. I have incredible memories of the band of four but three incredible friends."

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20. EPK Clip - The Beatles