ISLAMABAD (AP) — A judge on Tuesday asked the Pakistan government to appoint an acting chairman for the Pakistan Cricket Board.

Zaka Ashraf was stood down from working last month as PCB chairman by judge Shaukat Aziz Siddique after a former Rawalpindi cricket official said the recent elections were unfair.

Siddique rejected a request to allow Ashraf to attend the ICC's annual meeting in London later this month, instead asking the government for a temporary appointment to represent Pakistan.

The next hearing date to try and resolve the chairmanship is set for June 19.

An 11-member PCB board of governors chose Ashraf as chairman last month after he was approved by a four-man committee.

But former official Ahmad Nadeem Sadal said several regions weren't included on the board and should've been given an opportunity to vote.

Last month, Siddique said Ashraf's election appeared to be "polluted."

Since Ashraf's appointment, several cricketing associations across the country have challenged his appointment at the Lahore High Court. Former captain Rashid Latif has also moved a similar petition in a Karachi court.

Ashraf believes his election was in line with the International Cricket Council's directives, in which all the cricket boards were asked to have a democratic setup and there is an absence of government interference.