Washington, DC - June 14, 2013

1. Wide shot of Father's Day luncheon at White House

2. Medium shot of two men at Father's Day luncheon

3. SOUNDBITE: President Barack Obama

"It's good to see all of you here. So many young people, so many outstanding dads, a few moms chaperoning to make sure the dads don't screw things up. Obviously this is a great way for us to celebrate father's day and just to remind of us that those of who are fathers, just how lucky we are. It's the best job I've got. And I know that all of the fathers here feel the same way."

4. Wide shot of President Obama poses for a photo with a group of attendees

5. Medium shot of President Obama talks to a boy at luncheon

6. Close up of President Obama holding a baby at luncheon


President Barack Obama says being a father is the best job he's got.

Obama says a Father's Day luncheon at the White House on Friday was a great way for all the dads to celebrate the coming occasion and remember how lucky they are. Obama has two daughters, 14-year-old Malia and 12-year-old Sasha.

Fathers and their kids along with students and leaders from the Becoming a Man program at Chicago's Hyde Park Academy were among those treated to burgers, fries and lemonade in the State Dining Room. Obama spoke at the school in February.

His chief of staff, several economic advisers and his legislative affairs director sat with guests during the lunch.

Father's Day is Sunday. Obama leaves that night on a three-day trip to Northern Ireland and Germany.