Sanford, Florida - 17 July 2013

1. Medium shot of Zimmerman and his representation (left to right: Defense Attorney Mark O'Mara, jury consultant Robert Hirschhorn, defendant George Zimmerman)

2. SOUNDBITE (English) Don West, Defense Attorney: "based upon what you know obviously, do you think that George Zimmerman may have racially profiled Trayvon Martin? (off camera, potential female juror: "I don't know that.") Do you have any information that makes you think he may have? (off camera, potential female juror: "I don't know that because I'm not sure if Mr. Zimmerman knew that Trayvon Martin was--was black.") NOTE: SOT overlayed with a close up of George Zimmerman

3. Pan of Trayvon Martin's family members

4. SOUNDBITE (English) Bernie de la Rionda, Prosecutor: "how about exposure either at work or with friends or family in terms of talking about the case, do you remember anybody talking about the case? (off camera, potential male juror: "infrequently it comes up at work.") Did people give you their opinions, like oh this is what really happened or this is what really happened or everybody's lying or everybody's telling the truth." (off camera, potential male juror: "no we didn't, we just really didn't have those discussions.") ok, how about with family? Any discussions about the case other than there is a case here?" (off camera, potential male juror: "only with my wife and she just says, I hope you don't get on the jury.")