SHOTLIST (including transcript):-

AP Entertainment

Los Angeles, 20 June 2012

1. Exterior of Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony

2. Wide of star being revealed, actress Jennifer Lopez (center bottom row) kneeling gathered around star

3. Pan from star to actress Jennifer Lopez, holding plaque

4. View of fans gathered, holding signs

5. UPSOUND (English) Jennifer Lopez/Actress, on her star on walk of fame:

"A star on Hollywood Boulevard, (shakes head) I said I wasn't going to cry. I am not going to cry. (laughs) I really am overwhelmed, it all feels kind of don't know surreal. But really so real you know it is awesome."

6. Pan from star, to actress Jennifer Lopez wearing Dior top and skirt.

7. Wide from actress Jennifer Lopez, pan down to her children

8. Up from children, to actress Jennifer Lopez holding plaque sanding next Jane Fonda (on right in yellow)

10. Actress Jennifer Lopez seated on ground by star, pan down to star

11. UPSOUND (English) Jennifer Lopez/Actress, on her star on walk of fame:

"This moment on Hollywood Boulevard is paved with the support and love of my family and my friends. The family I have created working. My glam fam who are always in the background who never want the spotlight. Of course you, all the fans, I love you, thank you for going on this journey with me. Today this landmark moment inspires me to work harder and dream bigger for all that is the future. I hope you feel as I do that it was all worth it. I hope I have touched your hearts even in a small way from the gigantic way in which you have touched mine. Thank you so much."

12. Actress Jennifer Lopez standing near star posing for photographers, fashion pan