1. SOUNDBITE (English) Julie Uhrman, Ouya CEO:

"We wanted to build a game console that was accessible and affordable to gamers and open to any developer that wanted to develop for the television. So we sought to build a $99 game console where all the games are free to try, where any developer whether established or newcomer can bring the games to television. We saw that traditional game console market is broken. That gamers were moving to mobile platforms because of the ease of being able to download games and to be able to try them before you buy them, and developers were also moving to the mobile platforms because it was just easier for them to bring their games over. We brought it to Kickstarter because we wanted to know if anybody really wanted this. We had talked with developers and industry veterans like Brian Fargo and Ed Friese who is one of the founders, basically of Xbox and there was a general feeling that there was a void in the market place for something. But we wanted to validate it.

"We spent a lot of time on the controller. We wanted to make it a gamers controller. So first and foremost it was important that it had all the buttons and sticks that normal gamers were used to. But then we really focused on the weight, the feel, the ergonomics of the controller. We put the batteries underneath the faceplate so that you could wrap you hands under the controller and it could feel really comfortable in your hand. We're definitely disrupting the console market. I mean there's been no start-up that has had a meaningful impact on the market in decades, and we're the first. We offer something different: we're a $99 game console where all the games are free to try."