Los Angeles -- June 27, 2013

1. Wide, immigration reform rally in downtown Los Angeles and red banner

2. Medium, kids holding sign

3. Tight, sign reading "We need family reunification"

4. Tight, votive candles

5. Medium, woman shades her head with a sign

6. SOUNDBITE (English) Diana Ramos, College Student, "Dreamer"

7. We're under the scorching hot weather. Immigration reform can't wait. We can't wait. Our immigrant families need this immigration reform and they need it now."

8. Medium, people sitting on hot sidewalk

9. Medium, women lighting candles arranged in shape of a heart

10 Tight, lighting candles

11. SOUNDBITE (English) Luis Barajas, Carpenter "This is very emotional for us. It's something that we've been fighting for for many years. We finally have more votes than ever. So that's why we are so happy, so joyful now. It feels great."

12. Wide, candles in foreground, people awaiting results of Senate vote

13. Medium, young man holding sign, listening to Senate vote

14. Medium, teenage girl hiding from sun under banner, listening to Senate vote

15. Wide, people listening to Senate vote

16. Medium, young man counts votes on his fingers, zoom out to everyone cheering

17. Medium, 2 women hug and cry

18. Medium, Maria Cibrian cheers

19. SOUNDBITE (English) Maria Cibrian, Janitor "They listened to the message and listened to the hard work we've been making. I will be working more hard for the House of Representatives."

20. Medium, two young women hold banner and cheer

21. Medium, people stand in shade

22. Tight, little boy watches

23. Tight, faces of little girl and her mom

Washington -- June 27, 2013

SOUNDBITE: Hector Sanchez, Chair, National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (also ex. director of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement)

24."It's a great step in the right direction. This is something we've been working on for a very long time. It's about time that we all in the nation come together to support what's right for the community. It makes economic sense, it makes sense in every single aspect."

25. Wide, Sanchez

26. "This is not the perfect bill... But I think it has the elements of commitment and compromise from both parties and we are really going to make sure that there is strong support in the House to move forward."


27. "So the message is very clear: If anybody wants to win a presidential election again, they need the Latino vote and this is a key priority for the community."