DATELINE: SANFORD, Florida - July 1


1. SOUNDBITE: Officer Doris Singleton, Sanford Police Dept.

"The dispatcher told me not to follow the suspect and that an officer was in route."

"I'm sorry it's as I headed back to my vehicle. The suspect emerged from the darkness and said."

"You got a problem. I said 'no,' The suspect said, "You do now."

"I guess he's trying to say, I looked and tried to find my phone to dial 911. The suspect pushed me. The suspect punched me in the face. I fell back toward. I fell backwards on to my back. The suspect got on top of me. I yelled 'help' several times. The suspect told me, 'shut (bleep) up' as I tried to sit upright. The suspect grabbed my head and slammed it into the concrete sidewalk several times. I continued to call. I continued to yell help."

"As I slid, the suspect covered my mouth and nose and stopped my breathing. At this point I felt the suspect reach for my now exposed firearm and say, "You're going to die tonight (bleep)."

"I unholstered my firearm in fear for my life."

"Assured he was going to kill me and fired one shot into his torso. The suspect sat back, allowing me to sit-up and said, 'you got me.'


Jurors in the George Zimmerman murder trial on Monday heard a recording of the neighborhood watch volunteer describing his fatal encounter with 17-year-old Trayvon Martin to a police officer soon after it happened.

Zimmerman said in that first police interview that he saw Martin walking through his neighborhood on a dark, rainy night while Zimmerman was driving to the grocery store. He told Officer Doris Singleton that he didn't recognize Martin and that there had been recent break-ins at his townhome complex.

"These guys always get away," Zimmerman told Singleton, a statement similar to one that prosecutors have used previously to try to show that Zimmerman was increasingly frustrated with the burglaries and his encounter with Martin was a breaking point.

Zimmerman told the police officer that he lost track of Martin and got out of his truck to look for a street name he could relay to police dispatcher. When the dispatcher suggested Zimmerman didn't need to follow Martin, Zimmerman started to head back to his vehicle. At that point, Zimmerman said Martin jumped out of some bushes, punched him and he fell to the ground.

Zimmerman said that Martin began hitting his head against the sidewalk as Zimmerman yelled for help and that Martin told him, "You're going to die tonight."

With Zimmerman's shirt and jacket pushed up during the struggle and his holstered gun now visibile, he thought Martin was reaching for his firearm holstered around his waist. Zimmerman told the officer that he shot Martin and the teen said, "You got me."

Prosecutors played the police interview Monday after calling an FBI audio expert to the witness stand.