Cairo - 2 July 2013

1. Medium shot of anti-Morsi protestors chanting slogans and waving flags

2. Close of women protestor holding a red card with "Go out" written on it, chanting UPSOUND (Arabic) "The voice of women is a revolution"

3. Medium shot of protestors chanting slogans and waving flags

4. Pan across women protesters gathered

5. Shot of helicopter flying overhead

6. Wide of protesters gathered at Tahrir Square

7.Medium shot of women chanting and holding flags

8. Medium shot of Morsi supporters

9. Group of Morsi supporters dancing chanting "Morsi, Morsi"

10. Close of black flag with Islamic inscription


CAIRO (AP) _ Three government spokesmen are the latest to quit the regime of Egypt's Islamist president, Mohammed Morsi.

A series of high-level defections has left him increasingly isolated, as a deadline set by the country's military approaches. The military has given him until tomorrow to address the demands of the protesters who've been filling the streets of Cairo and other large cities in huge numbers, pushing for his departure. Otherwise, military officials say, they'll seek their own way to end the political chaos.

There are concerns on both sides that Egypt's military could take over outright, as it did after the ouster of Hosni Mubarak two years ago. And there's a risk of a backlash from Morsi's Islamist backers, including some who once belonged to armed militant groups.

At least 16 people have been killed since Sunday in clashes between Morsi's opponents and his many supporters. The supporters have equated the demonstrations and the military arm-twisting to a coup against a democratically-elected president.

The police, which are under the control of the Interior Ministry, have stood on the sidelines of the protests. They're refusing even to protect the offices of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood that have been attacked and ransacked.