US Department of State - AP clients Only

Washington, DEC - July 3, 2013

1. SOUNDBITE: (English) Jen Psaki, State Department spokeswoman:

"We do, of course, remain very concerned about what we're seeing on the ground. And we do realize, of course, that is an extremely tense and fast-moving situation in Egypt. We are monitoring it very closely, as you all know and as we've talked about in here for the past several days. And continue to believe that, of course, the Egyptian people deserve a peaceful political solution to the current crisis. We did, of course, watch this -- or monitor the speech. I've seen reports on the speech from last evening, and felt there was an absence of significant specific steps laid out in President Morsi's speech. We have said that he must do more to be truly responsive and representative to the justified concern expressed by the Egyptian people. And unfortunately that was not a part of what he talked about in his speech.