Sanford, Florida - July 8, 2013

1. SOUNDBITE (English) Geri Russo, friend of Zimmerman: Defense attorney Mark O'Mara: "were you able to identify Mr. Zimmerman's voice during the first time that you listened to it?" Russo: "yes, my immediate reaction was that's George's voice. O'Mara: "was anyone there prompting you in any way to identify the voice as one particular person over another. Russo: "no."

2. SOUNDBITE (English) Sandra Ostraman, friend of Zimmerman: O'Mara: "would your friendship with him impact on how you're going to testify today regarding what you may hear on the tape." Ostraman: "as far as would I lie?" O'Mara: "well I guess that's the non-lawyer way to say it." Ostraman: "I wouldn't lie for him or anybody."


Defense lawyers for George Zimmerman have called more witnesses to testify that it's Zimmerman's voice that was heard on a tape of a 911 call, screaming for help during a confrontation with Trayvon Martin. Prosecutors last week called Martin's mother and another family member who testified that the voice was that of Martin, not Zimmerman. The 911 call has been played repeatedly for jurors, because it could help determine who the aggressor was in the confrontation that preceded the fatal shooting of Martin.