AP Television - AP Television Clients Only

New York, July 11, 2013

1. SOUNDBITE: (English): Stephen Elop, CEO Nokia: "Ladies and gentlemen, the Nokia Lumia 1020." (Upsound: applause)

2. SOUNDBITE: (English): Stephen Elop, CEO Nokia: "We've advanced the Nokia 808 Pure View technology by creating an entirely new ultra high resolution, 41 mega pixel back side illuminated sensors. These back side illuminated sensors have the most sensitive pixels in the entire world. The 41 mega pixel sensor can capture 34 mega pixel and 38 mega pixel image files in a 16x9 or 4x3 aspect ratio, respectively. Now the cool thing that it does is that when it takes that high resolution image, it's also simultaneously saving a 5 mega pixel over sampled image right at the same time. Every pixel in the over sampled image is created using up to 7 pixels from the sensor. And this causes the 5 mega pixels image to have the maximum amount of detail theoretically possible. As a result, what you get are the smartest, sharpest, best smart phone pictures possible. Here in the United States we plan to bring the Lumia 1020 to people first with AT&T.""


3. Zoom in: front Lumia 1020

4. Zoom in: back Lumia 1020

5. Mid shot: side view black phone on table

6. Tight shot: phone screen as picture is taken

7. Mid shot: camera on phone being demonstrated

8. Tight shot: picture taken on phone

9. Zoom in: phone screen showing device options

10. Tight shot: back of phone while being handled

11. Mid shot: front screen of device

12. SOUNDBITE: (English): "For $299.99 with a two year agreement. In addition to that you can actually start pre-ordering the device on att.com beginning on July 16th."


13. Tight shot: phone screen as picture is taken. Upsound: Stephen Elop, CEO Nokia: "I'd like to introduce to all of you the next chapter of smart phone photography."