TRT: 2:22



Sanford, Florida

July 12, 2013

1. Wide shot of courtroom where trial of George Zimmerman is underway. Judge Debra Nelson is talking.

2. SOUNDBITE (English) Judge Debra Nelson, 18th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida:

"This is from the jury. It says the jury would like to adjourn tonight at 6p...well the note is at 5:50p/ The jury would like to adjourn tonight at 6pm. The jury would like to begin tomorrow at 9am if possible. Anybody have any objections?"


"No your honor"


"No thank you your honor"

3. Cut to prosecution sitting

4. Defense table - Defense attorney standing

5. SOUNDBITE (English) Judge Debra Nelson, 18th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida:

"Ok what I'm going to do is bring them in here and give them their admonishment and release them until 9 am. Ok? Ok, let's go ahead and do that."

6. Prosecutors sitting at their desk

7. Tight shot of George Zimmerman standing

8.SOUNDBITE (English) Judge Debra Nelson, 18th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida:

"Please be seated. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. We're going to go ahead and adjourn for the day so you will be going into recess overnight. I just want to give you my admonitions before you recess for the evening. During the overnight recess you are not to talk about the case amongst yourselves or with anybody else. Although you are in the deliberations stage your deliberations are only going to occur while you are here in court in the jury room. So do not discuss the case amongst yourselves or with anybody else overnight. Do not read or listen to any radio or television or newspaper reports about the case. Do not use any type of an electronic device to get on the internet or do any independent research about the case, people, places, things or terminology. And do not read or create any emails text messages, tweets, blogs, social networking pages about the case. Your notes will belocked up in the jury room. You will not be allowed to take them back with you. They will be there available for you in the morning. We will recess until 9am. At that time I will bring you back into the courtroom so we will begin court and then have you go back Will all of you abide by the instructions I have given you?. Ok with that please follow deputy Jarvis.

9. Two shot of George Zimmerman with one of his attorneys -- slow zoom in to a tight shot of Zimmerman

10. Cut back to judge


"ok is there anything that we need to take care of before we recess for the evening? Ok thank you very much. We'll se you at 9am."

12. Zimmerman and his defense team standing

13. Judge handing a note to a court clerk


Jurors in George Zimmerman's murder trial deliberated for three and a half hours when they decided to stop Friday evening. About two hours into their discussions, they asked for a list of the evidence. Before dismissing them for the night, Judge Debra Nelson reminded jurors not to discuss the case outside of the courtroom jury room. Also she told them not to do any outside research or watch news about the case. Jurors will resume deliberations Saturday morning.

The sequestered jury of six women _ all but one of them white _ will have to sort through a lot of conflicting testimony from police, neighbors, friends and family members.