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1. Trailer excerpt - "Pacific Rim"

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Los Angeles, 9 July 2013

2. Actor Idris Elba speaking reporter

3. SOUNDBITE (english) Idris Elba/Actor:

"It was great to have Kanye West tweet about the film. I think he has got a great taste and I am glad he saw the film. I think he like film, he has an appreciation for it, and this is a very good film, so that was lovely."


4. Screen grab of recording artist Kanye West's tweets (posted 3 July 2013)

"This is not another "Robot" movie. Guillermo del Toro is a master."

"I saw a pre-screening of Pacific Rim yesterday and it's easily one of my favorite movies of all time"

AP Entertainment

Los Angeles, 9 July 2013

5. SOUNDBITE (English) Guillermo del Toro/Director - on recording artist Kanye West's tweets:

"The guy is an amazing artist. He is a great musician, but he is just a guy that is such a well rounded artist. Pure creativity. Very reserved. He is not a guy who is tweeting all the time. He is really careful about what he likes and I felt very, very flattered for it."

6. SOUNDBITE (English) Charlie Hunnam/Actor - on recording artist Kanye West's tweets:

"You know, I thought it gave us a lot of street cred. I mean I am a big fan of Kanye's and have listened to his music for years. It was just really exciting to hear that he had seen the movie and liked it so much."

7. Fashion pan actress Rinko Kikuchi in Fausto Puglisi dress posing for photographers

8. SOUNDBITE (English) Rinko Kikuchi/Actress - on being the leading lady for this big film and coveted role:

"She is so brave and tough and she can face drama. I love this role. I have never done this kind of really brave girl role, so I am so excited to see this movie."

9. Medium view of actor Charlie Hunnam speaking to reporter

10. SOUNDBITE (English) Charlie Hunnam/Actor, who was born in Newcastle, England - on the Royal baby's impending birth:

"You know, I think both of those kids - I say kids, they're probably around the same age as me, I don't know exactly how old they are - but I'm sure it was pretty intense to grow up in that family with all of that privilege but all of that responsibility. They (Prince William and Harry) seem to have grown up into really smart, humble, nice guys. So I am really happy for them. I wish them all the success and happiness."

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11. Trailer excerpt - " Pacific Rim"