A symposium on bullying will push for a more unified approach to the issue, including cases of cyberbullying, under Australian law.

Former Family Court Chief Justice Alastair Nicholson, who will be speaking at the conference, said current laws provided little guidance about how bullying should be handled.

"The legal duty of schools, teachers, parents and guardians, as well as others in positions of authority, is not currently clear," he said.

"I hope this symposium will lead to recommendations for changes to the law in relation to bullying, cyberbullying and our young people."

Mr Nicholson will be one of several legal, educational and law enforcement experts included in the Bullying, Young People and the Law Symposium, which will be held in Melbourne on Thursday and Friday.

As well as discussing potential legal reform, the conference will also look at parental and school duty of care, and a New Zealand tribunal which has been set up to deal specifically with cyberbullying.

A report from the New Zealand Law Commission in 2012 recommended a tribunal to deal specifically with harmful cyber communication.