Final preparations are underway at Hughenden in north-west Queensland for its "horse soccer" event.

Horse soccer is being played in the town, north of Longreach, as part of the annual Great Western Games.

Jody Murray from the Outback Performance Horse Association says it is like a combination of polocrosse and soccer, with riders manoeuvring their horses to kick a big inflatable ball.

She says the horses love it.

"I've got one mare - she'll kick it with her front feet, her back feet, she doesn't care - as long as the ball is somewhere there, she will have a go at it," she said.

Ms Murray says most riders will come from drought-stricken areas for Saturday's carnival.

"There's another lady who's taking the weekend off from the worries of drought, refresh the batteries, and go home again with a new outlook on life." she said.

She says the dusty conditions will not impact on morale.

Ms Murray says it is a fun way to improve the skills of both horses and riders.

"They play it over in America - we've modified the rules - it is sort of a combination of polocrosse and soccer," she said.

"The ball is a specially designed horse soccer ball, kind of like an over-sized fit ball.

"The kids love it, the few adults that play love it as well.

"It is just something different to do with the horses."