An amateur boxer and Finks bikie has been refused bail on charges over the alleged brutal bashing of a senior gang member.

A magistrate expressed scepticism about the version of events put to the court by the defence.

Finks member Charles Bonnici suffered collapsed lungs, facial factures and a broken leg when he was bashed at the Finks' clubrooms at Salisbury in Adelaide last February.

Adelaide Magistrates Court heard a $50,000 gold chain Mr Bonnici was seen wearing before the assault allegedly was stolen during the attack.

One of the gang members arrested over the attack, Mostyn Niemann, sought bail in the Magistrates Court.

His lawyer argued there was no direct evidence to link his client with the bashing and the victim had not provided a statement to police.

Magistrate Simon Smart said there was a strong circumstantial case which linked Niemann with the crime.

"There is footage of Mr Niemann leaving the premises and returning with boltcutters," he said.

"Mr Bonnici is seen initially wearing a heavy gilded chain, which is absent when ambulance officers attend.

"I am satisfied there is available evidence to prove Mr Niemann's involvement in both offences."

The magistrate said it would appear the chain was stolen.

"The only reasonable conclusion, in my view, that can be drawn by the material is that the chain was taken by force without his consent," he said.

"The Finks Motorcycle Club is a criminal organisation within the meaning of Section 83(D) of the Criminal Law Consolidation Act.

"I am satisfied the offences did occur, as alleged, either to benefit that group or at the direction of that group or by association with it.

"The inference available is that some form of inter-club discipline has been dealt out to Mr Bonnici."

Mr Smart rejected defence submissions citing a lack of evidence linking Niemann with the crime, saying it was very unlucky if it were just coincidence he was seen entering the clubrooms with boltcutters at the time of the attack.

"It's an unfortunate coincidence for him that just at the time Mr Bonnici was getting a beating and appeared in possession of a $50,000 gold chain your client is going in with boltcutters," Mr Smart said.

"I mean you can be unlucky, but God.

"Your client is seen to go out after they've gone inside, go across the road and get a pair of boltcutters and come back with a pair of boltcutters just at the time it would seem that Mr Bonnici was being assaulted.

"I don't think I own a pair of boltcutters. What do you use boltcutters for? Cutting things, metal? The inference is clearly available, I think we're arguing black is white here and I think the inference is obvious, we can keep going until the cows come home but I think it is obvious."

The magistrate declared Niemann a member of criminal organisation and refused him bail.

He said he was satisfied the victim and another potential police witness, who allegedly gave the boltcutters to Niemann, would fear for their safety if he were released from custody.