MIAMI - July 20, 2013

1. Wide pan of crowd at courthouse

2. Medium of crowd, with some holding signs

3. Close-up of sign that says "Zimmerman's Report Card F" and

4. Close-up sign of rally "Trayvon Martin has civil rights"

5. Wide crowd with heads bowed in prayer.

6. Close-up of crowd praying

7. SOUNDBITE Ursula Gray, from Panama City, Fla., attended rally

"I think the laws need to be changed because the Stand Your Ground law, it didn't help anybody, and him getting out of his car, shooting someone who was unarmed was not fair, and the laws need to be changed so that never happens again."

8. SOUNDBITE: David Miller, from Miami, music director, Trayvon Martin foundation

"Today we came out as a community to support the Martin family, on this act, not to just Trayvon Martin, but all boys across the country, to come as, we need to tell the people in Tallahassee, this world, even our president recognizes the fact that Stand Our Ground law needs to be shut down."

9. Close-up of sign that reads: "Wake up Black America It's time to stand our ground."

10. Wide of marchers who left rally to protest at Miami police department

11. Medium of marchers


Several hundred people have gathered in Miami to call for federal civil rights charges against a neighborhood watch leader found not guilty in the death of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin.

Many wore T-shirts with the slain teen's image and held signs Saturday. Martin's father attended and spoke at the rally outside a downtown federal courthouse.

The rally was one of at least 101 demonstrations taking place outside federal buildings across the U.S.

George Zimmerman was found not guilty in Martin's death one week ago. The case has ignited a debate about race relations, guns and self-defense laws.