East Cleveland, Ohio - July 22, 2013

1. Wide of suspect Michael Madison standing up in court to hear charges against him

2. Pan up from Madison's hands in handcuffs


Judge (off camera) - "I know you've had a chance to speak with counsel. Is that correct, sir?"

Madison - "Yes."

Judge - "In the first charge, you're charged with aggravated murder in violation of Ohio Revised Code 2903.01 It states that on or about the 22nd day of July you did purposefully cause the death of an unidentified female while committing another felony. The offense was committed one week to nine months prior to the finding of the body. That is a Jane Doe murder."

4. SOUNDBITE: (English) Judge

"The same date, on or about the 22nd day of July, Michael Madison did purposefully cause the death of an Angela Deskins while committing another felony. The offense was committed three weeks, or a few weeks, prior to the finding of the body. And then there is a third murder charge on or about the 22nd day of July, Michael Madison purposefully did cause the death of an unidentified female."

5. White flash

6. Tight of Madison's face


Judge (off camera) - "At that preliminary hearing, the prosecution must prove that an offense was committed and that your likely the person who committed it."

7. Pan from media to Madison and his lawyer at table


Judge (off camera) - "Ms. Rideenour, I understand you are representing the defendant Mr. Madison at this time."

Defense lawyer - "Yes, your honor."

Judge (off camera) - "Has he decided whether or not he's going to have a preliminary hearing?"

Defense lawyer - "He'd like to waive his hearing, your honor."

8. Tight of Madison's face as he's escorted out of the courtroom

9. White flash

10. SOUNDBITE: (English) Gary Norton, East Cleveland Mayor:

"As you know, we are in the midst of tragedy. Three individuals who were just minding their own business and being the good human beings that they are and were were killed senselessly by an individual who has no regard for human life."


An Ohio man possibly influenced by a serial killer was charged Monday with aggravated murder after three bodies wrapped in trash bags were found in suburban Cleveland.

A call to police led authorities to a home and a standoff with the man, who was eventually taken into custody, East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton said.

Michael Madison, 35, was charged with three counts each of aggravated murder and kidnapping.

He didn't enter a plea at a brief court appearance Monday where bail was set at $6 million.

He also waived his right to a preliminary hearing.

Police and volunteers scoured about 40 empty homes Sunday until their search was suspended, with no immediate plans to resume.

Authorities said they had identified only one of the victims, Angela Deskins, who was believed to be 38 years old.

The other two bodies were too badly decomposed to identify.

The medical examiner also said he couldn't determine a cause of death because of the bodies' conditions.

The mayor has said the suspect indicated he might have been influenced by the earlier case of a Cleveland serial killer convicted in the deaths of 11 women.

The first body was found in a garage Friday.

Two others were found Saturday _ one in a backyard and the other in the basement of a vacant house.

The bodies, all women, were found about 100 to 200 yards apart, and authorities say the victims were killed in the previous six to 10 days.

It's the third recent high-profile case in the Cleveland area that involves missing women.