July 25, 2013 - Detroit

1. Pan of DeQuan O'Neal

2. SOUNDBITE: DeQuan O'Neal, Detroit

"My name is DeQuan O'Neal. I've lived in Detroit my whole entire life born and raised here, 17 years, going on 18 years. I've seen good. I've seen bad but the bankruptcy I believe will hopefully change a lot of things that are going on as far as bringing hope back into our city. I love it and I'm not going nowhere."

3. SOUNDBITE: DeQuan O'Neal, Detroit

"To me, I feel it's better for the future. It's better for my generation because if we would have went to the next generation with all that debt it would have been hard for me to raise a family."

4. Tracking shot of O'Neal in high school hallway

5. Exterior of school

6. SOUNDBITE: DeQuan O'Neal, Detroit

"What is special about Detroit is the youth. They have so much passion and fire even the ones that people gave up on."

7. Wide of abandoned building

8. Wide of destroyed building

9. SOUNDBITE: DeQuan O'Neal, Detroit

"The city was just going downhill from the 60s on up. The lack of opportunities. No jobs. Schools not efficient, the violence. It was so much wrong going on in our offices downtown that everyone just felt they had to leave."

10. Wide of O'Neal walking by abandoned house

11. Tracking shot of O'Neal on sidewalk

12. SOUNDBITE: DeQuan O'Neal, Detroit

"The city is starting over and I love the fact they starting over because this is the time they need to start over."

13. Wide of damaged building

14. Tight of heart graffiti